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XCF delivers the best training in Seattle for fitness, sport, rehabilitation, or pure aesthetics (pull ups help you look good naked). Accountants, programmers, firefighters, and those desiring better lives through increased strength, balance, and flexibility will find unmatched results at XCF. Consider our personal training, group training, or personalized programming to see what meets your needs and will ultimately deliver you the best results.

Personal Training

If you prefer to work privately with one of our trainers you can set up 1 on 1 personal trainer. Every athlete has very unique needs and if you are looking to target your specific goals in the most progressive and efficient manner then 1 on 1 personal training is right for you. It goes beyond just working out. Our personal training encompasses nutritional assistance, physical assessment, and lifestyle coaching along with a progressive training program.
Our personal trainers will take you through the foundational movements at a pace that you feel comfortable with. They can address specific needs or limitations and make sure you feel supremely confident to take the next step whether that step is into group classes or continued personal training focusing on a specific area like gymnastics or weightlifting.

1:1 $85/hour. Variance depends on frequency, duration, and needs

2:1 $115/hour

3:1 $142.50/hour

Group classes

Far from the random butt kicking you see elsewhere our group classes are based on continually evolving programming moving athletes towards ever-greater levels of fitness. The group strength and conditioning classes at XCF are based on the principles of CrossFit. Every class is built around constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. The intensity is relative and everything can be scaled up or down to meet individual needs so group classes can fit just about anyone. The energy in the group class will have you consistently seeing gains as you crush previous records in the supportive and competitive space of our group classes.

We have 3 different types of group classes. All of them involve functional movements but some may better meet your unique needs.

CrossFit Group Classes

The bulk of the classes on the schedule are this type. Everyone who has completed the Xplore Fundamentals course or Fundamental personal training is welcome to participate. It involves a mix of weight lifting, bodyweight training, and conditioning.

Express CF

This is abbreviated course for those who are trying to get a workout in on their lunch break. It is 45 minutes start to finish. It is focused more on conditioning than weightlifting.

Women’s Only CF

This course is for women who want to their sweat on and move some weight around but feel more comfortable doing it in a setting that is a little more appealing by limiting the class to women only. Same awesome program, just no dudes.

All group members are required to participate in some form of introductory training to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit. This can be done 1:1 or in a group. 4 hours of 1:1 training or 8 classes in our intro program called Fundamentals.

Fundamental Group Class 8 sessions $95. Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings. A new class begins every month. 0681_HealCode_BlueTiny_BuyNow

Fundamental Personal Training 4 one on one sessions covering the foundational elements of CrossFit for $320.


Membership rates are monthly.

Month to Month
2x/week $175
Unlimited $215

6 month contract

2x/week $165
Unlimited $205


6 month 2x/week $930 ($155/mo)
12 month 2x/week $1860 ($155/mo)

6 month unlimited $1,170 ($195/mo)
12 month unlimited $,2220 ($185/mo)

Personalized Program(assessment, program, nutrition)

If you are self motivated but lacking the experience to develop your own program we offer an excellent solution. After assessing your current abilities, limitations and lifestyle we will develop a 30 day program to get you on track to your goals. You will spend a few hours with a personal trainer who will then develop and walk you through 30 days of programming around your goals and lifestyle. We will target weaknesses, identify areas where you can get more done in less time, and guide you on the nutritional path to well balanced intake. Meet with a trainer each month to reassess and get a new program to continue challenging yourself and reaching new levels of fitness. We can even work with remote clients using skype, email, and phone calls for follow up.

$270 and up/month. Variance depends on frequency of in person visits with your trainer.

Program design clients have unlimited access to group sessions, use of the gym during normal operating hours, unlimited email, and 45 min of 1:1 time with their trainer each month.


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