What they say about us

Kim Franco, Cruise ship captain

I have so many things to be thankful for when it comes to Jordan Holland and CrossFit.  I am ‘More Fit’; I am ‘Smarter’, and I am ‘Healthier’. Jordan’s passionate and caring approach to finding the true athlete inside me is what kept me coming back for more.  I came to him in October 2008 with no specific goals only to find that I could not only develop those goals but also smash them on a regular basis.  Jordan has taught me that I can be better, faster, and stronger at all that I try.  I will forever cherish the meaning of constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity.

Chris Stone, Super league rugby player

Through Xplore CrossFit I have not only gained a greater level of strength and fitness (this after a season ending injury) but I have also risen to a level on the rugby pitch that allows me to compete against people 10-15 years younger. I am stronger than I have ever been and i have developed skills in the gym that I didn’t think a 200 pound athlete was capable of. I don’t know when I might need to walk on my hands but it is pretty cool to know I can do it.

Bruce “Boss” Hoffman 53,
Engineering Manager

CrossFit is by far the most effective fitness program that I have found. I am now in my fifties, and Jordan’s unique high intensity workout routines, weight training, and nutritional guidance have helped me achieve a level of strength, stamina and flexibility that I have not had in 25 years. All of my daily activities including sports, home projects and keeping up with my four-year-old granddaughter all come much easier now. I am now hooked, and find the need to do some burpees when I can’t make it to a session. In my book, CrossFit is the full package!

Rob McGowan 35, Tax guy

CrossFit has taken my fitness to a level I wouldn’t have imagined through its programming and its community. The programming motivates me through creatively designed, always challenging workouts that enable me to track constant progress toward and beyond my goals. The CrossFit community — both at Xplore CrossFit and internationally — is an amazing source of inspiration, competition, and support.

Valerie Bell 57, Attorney

Speaking as someone who was never athletic growing up and who has an aversion to being pushed, CrossFit has been invaluable to me in increasing my level of fitness and helping me to become more able in skills that: 1) I’ve never tried; b) I’m afraid to try; and/or c) I’m not very good at. I hang in there because there is an endless variety in the workouts, which keeps it interesting, and because I can see that I am stronger and fit than when I began. Although Jordan routinely is on me about the depth of my squats, the need to speed up my row times, and overall, the need to push myself. As much as I hate to admit it, he’s (usually) right and without the ongoing prodding and his expertise I would slip back into bad form and mediocrity.

Manish Mangal, Indian

The feeling that you get after completing the workout cannot be described in words. Most of the credit goes to Jordan cause he always believes you can do it and that belief is contagious. You will never want to go back to your old workout routine. Jordan always makes fun of me that I used to take small dumbbells and a Bosu ball, go to a room and do the same thing everyday. Once I started working out with him, except for the standard CrossFit workouts I have hardly ever repeated workouts. Jordan makes sure that you maintain a good journal. Everyone has to know their PR’s and beat them the next time. Looking back at the journal it makes you feel good about yourself when you see how much more you are lifting and how much faster you are completing the workouts.

Leslie Mesnick 29**, Recruiter

XCF has been the most inspiring workout regimen I have ever experienced.  Throughout the past year, I have constantly been challenged and successfully taken my athleticism to a level I never imagined was possible.  Not only have I gained tremendous strength and endurance, I have gained an exceptional amount of confidence and faith in myself.  I continuously see progress in my output and I also see results in the actual shape and definition of my body and muscles.

Jenny Gruening, Marketing Superstar

CrossFit has helped me develop the physical and mental strength, determination and drive to push myself further than I ever thought possible. I’ve learned that if you don’t truly push yourself to the limit, you’ll have a tough time getting to results that you want. And while pushing yourself to the limit can sometimes be an extremely tough and painful process its always worth it in the end! I’ve also learned that I’m completely addicted to CrossFit.

Whitney Scofield, Group exercise instructor

Xplore CrossFit is a serious workout – not serious as in no fun, but serious as in one of the greatest total body challenges I have ever experienced every single time I do a session. But speaking of fun, Jordan’s class consistently delivers the perfect workout through his attention to technique and natural ability to teach, combined with his sense of humor. He is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with because he knows how to motivate me, kicks my ass and makes me laugh every time I workout with him.

Bryan Cohen, Co-Founder, Colehour+Cohen

Jordan has been instrumental at pushing me into great shape. His workouts have made me stronger, faster and leaner at 39 than I was at 18. Each of Jordan’s workouts is physically and mentally challenging but ultimately deliver awesome results. I have worked with several trainers in the past and Jordan is certainly a cut above. I really appreciate his varied but focused approach. I am not only stronger but I have better balance, coordination, and flexibility as well.

Matt Stroh, Young Entrepreneur

I started CrossFit after spending two years out of the gym.  In only a couple months, CrossFit made a noticeable difference in my strength, endurance and the visible fitness of my body – just ask my wife. It’s like having your own private trainer at a fraction of the cost, but with the camaraderie of the other athletes that sweat together for an hour each day.  I’ve never been a “class” workout guy, but I’ve found something that’s accessible, effective and fun in CrossFit.  I love it.

Marianne Adler, King County Jailer

As a middle-aged adult, I realize the importance of fitness and strength.  With Jordan Holland as my trainer, I have made and continue to make real, measurable progress on reaching my fitness and strength goals.  Jordan is committed, knowledgeable, experienced, has a great sense of humor, and truly cares about my fitness goals and me.  He’s a challenging coach and I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about getting fit and strong.

Patty Brown, Leslie's Boss

I’ve always been an active runner but since joining Xplore CrossFit a year ago, I’m the strongest and in the best shape I’ve ever been.  Jordan always inspires and pushes me to be the best I can be in the gym and to continuously improve.  Beyond that, Jordan’s created a great community – I love seeing the other “cross fitters” every day.

Brock Gavery, Attorney/Thrill Seeker

As a long distance runner, I always thought that the only way to get faster was to simply run more miles. That misconception was shattered one morning when Jordan plucked me off the treadmill and had me to join his CrossFit class. I was hooked. I could not believe how much fitness could be gained in just 15 to 20 minutes. I also realized what an unbalanced athlete I was.  After just 4 weeks of CrossFit, I noticed an incredible increase in my speed as a runner and my overall strength and agility as an athlete. Jordon is by far one of the most effective and motivating trainers out there.