Who we are

Jordan “JHo” Holland

Certifications and Continuing Education: C.S.C.S, CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Nutrition, Barbell, and Mobility Certified, Olympic Lifting Clinic with Greg Everett, Olympic Lifting Clinic with Mike Burgener, BSC, SSC

Jordan is a fanatical and tenacious work in progress. He loves God, his wife Erin, fitness, and food. Sometimes in the wrong order. Jack Q introduced Jordan to CrossFit in 2006 with a gem of a workout called Fran. It was a fifteen-minute pain storm that dramatically altered his life. CrossFit put words to something that Jordan had been chasing in the gym but was unable to define.
“[CrossFit] always existed, Tyler just gave it a name.” Jordan was armed with a clear definition of fitness, and the tools to help people pursue it. This was a pursuit taking them to the very limits of their capacity. Jordan is driven to change lives and build the best training program in Seattle. Jordan loves to take people to the dark place in their workouts. It is here that you learn what is inside you. Jordan believes that  people experience growth in the gym that goes well beyond stronger limbs, greater ranges of motion, bigger deadlifts, and muscle ups. Often it is an increase in mental toughness that marks growth in the gym. That growth counts big time!  Jordan also thrives on the community aspect of CrossFit. In Jordan’s world the gym is not just a place, but a people connected by a shared vision. Whether you are fighting for your first pull up or learning how to put a massive weight over your head it’s important to have a supportive environment with folks who are struggling and pushing along side you.   As an athlete Jordan is driven to be as rounded as possible. He finds something he sucks at and works until he doesn’t suck anymore. Except when it comes to pistols. He has comes to terms with sucking at those. As a trainer Jordan wants to see people get better everyday. You don’t ever have to perform an iron cross or deadlift a tractor, but you do have get a little more work done in a little less time day after day. Jordan loves that everyone suffers in CrossFit. No matter how good you become at the sport of fitness you will have “one of those days.” His worst workout experience ever was a heavy version of Fran shortly after donating blood. It wasn’t my best idea and it was certainly the closest I have ever felt to dying.

Devin Bla[ze]

Despite the name, Blaze is actually NOT an African American female gladiator (though neither of them will take their shirt off while working out).  He had a horizontally gifted (read fat) childhood before losing the weight and picking up football, hockey and lacrosse in high school.  He heard about crossfit in college while a friend was bragging to him about being able to do Fran in under 3 minutes.  Blaze remembered a few semesters back when he remembers doing Fran in 30 seconds flat. He was intrigued and began taking the bus to the only crossfit gym outside Pittsburgh 2 times a week while getting his nerd degrees.

Blaze moved to Seattle in January 2009 and randomly stumbled upon Xplore.  After receiving a beating from Jordan consisting of 32″ box jumps and deadlifts, Blaze was hooked.  He has been learning from, helping, training and competing with Jordan and Xplore crossfit ever since.

The sense of community at Xplore is what keeps Blaze around.  The people, the work ethic, and the knowledge in the Xplore community is unlike any other gym he’s been to. No one thinks harder about training than Jordan and it shows in all of the athletes. Come competition season, you will always see Blaze working toward the team competition because that is where his passion lies; in the community.  He wants to work with other Xplore athletes to win and prove to the entire crossfit community that Xplore is one of the best gyms in the country.

Blaze is most amazed by how far crossfit can push the limits of the human body; not only physically, but also mentally.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a veteran finally pulling a sub 2-minute Fran, or a newcomer finally finishing Fran with 12 bands and an empty barbell, crossfit athletes are breaking through their own barriers almost every day and it’s amazing to watch.  Crossfit usually ends up being the most humbling and confidence boosting activity anyone takes on.  Every athlete has moments where they question why they are putting themselves through this torture.  Then they look in the mirror, or lift 2x their bodyweight off the ground, or remember where they were months or even weeks ago.  It’s an addiction, but it’s one of the best ones you can have.

Erin Rifkin

rifkin ac

Certifications: Crossfit Level 1 Certified & Crossfit Olympic Lifting Certified

I have been a part of Crossfit for a little over 3 years now and I can honestly say it has changed my life – not only in health but in community.  For the last 6 years I have been a gym rat as well as a rock climbing and mountaineering enthusiast.  However, I never realized what true fitness meant until I found Crossfit.  It has made every aspect of my indoor and outdoor life better.  I run faster, hike longer, climb harder, and recover quicker than I ever thought possible and it is all because of Crossfit.

rifkin dip


Beyond the pure fitness aspect is the amazing community.  Each time you step into Xplore you will always have people there to support you, cheer you on, and help you push the limits.  That’s why I love Crossfit and I hope to share that with you.  As a coach, it is my job to help you live better and healthier each day.  I am passionate about helping you achieve your fitness and health goals by learning more about mobility, movement, and nutrition and I am very excited to be a part of the Xplore community!

Aimee Holy

aimeeCertifications: Crossfit Level 1 cert, Crossfit Gymnastics Cert, Precision Nutrition – the Essentials of Sport & Exercise Nutrition

Bored at the gym, Aimee went to the NW Crossfit Regionals to see what Crossfit was all about.  Aimee was inspired and excited about what she saw and thought “I can do that!”  Almost 2 years later, the 43 year old mother of 2 has competed in multiple local competitions, earned her Crossfit Level 1 cert, the Crossfit Gymnastics Cert and Precision Nutrition – the Essentials of Sport & Exercise Nutrition cert. Aimee joined the XCF team in early 2013.

amiee pull up

Aimee loves to help people improve, nothing makes her happier than experiencing           a client getting stronger.  Aimee also has a firm understanding on how nutrition can improve performance and body composition and is dedicated to helping her clients get results through nutrition. Also, as an experienced yoga teacher and still currently certified, Aimee finds that there is a direct correlation between CrossFit and thefundamentals of Yoga.  You will find that her coaching will tie in some structural components of yoga.

CrossFit, in Aimee’s world, is about the pursuit of finding the “ease” of the movement, getting stronger and mentally attacking the workout to find your way through it.  For Aimee, fitness will be a life long journey.

Tim “Chocolate Muscle” Toliver

Certifications: B.A. Psychology, Somatic Leadership Coach, C.S.C.S., CF Level 1, CF Kids, CMT


I began my practice of CrossFit in the fall of 2004 at Rainier CrossFit, about six months after they opened their doors. Every time I came into the gym I found earnest coaches, new training partners and new challenges that caused me to wonder what was really possible.

tim leadI found a community of like-minded people that understood that the drive toward excellence often means passing through some hard and even painful places.  A community that knows sometimes success is simply learning to get comfortable with the discomfort and passing through the hard places with more grace and fewer breakdowns.

I started at Xplore in early 2013 and has been a new and welcome part of my journey in CrossFit.  I’m happy for the opportunity to help move people along the path toward becoming stronger as people and more masterful as athletes.

Jessica Seftel

After realizing that the elliptical and bicep curls weren’t going to keep Jessica in shape, she looked for an alternative form of exercise, which would keep her on her toes. She had played soccer from age 8 all the way through college, and knew she wanted to find another sport with a strong sense of community, dedication, tears, and sweat.

Jessica moved to the Seattle area in August 2012, and stumbled upon Xplore Crossfit while wandering the streets. As weird as she may have looked, she stood outside, face pressed up against the window, and watched a crossfit class go on for the entire hour, excited for what she was seeing. From there, Jessica was hooked.

A couple years later, Jessica has become more competitive, and meaner. Yes, meaner…as in she was WAY to nice and never got mad at the weight and lifts she was trying to destroy. As well, Jessica found a passion for teaching and building strong relationships with athletes and first time crossfitters around her, pushing them towards success. With that said, training and leading classes became part of Jessica’s journey with Xplore.

She loves meeting new people from all over the country, and welcomes them to the gym anytime! If you want to find Jessica and she’s not at the gym, she will most likely be at Starbucks, where she spends her life savings.


Tyler “Murds” Wall

Certifications – BS Political Science, C.S.C.S., USAW, Rings and Power with Chad Waterbury

Tyler’s fitness journey seriously started when he was a sophomore in college.  After suffering from the “freshman 15,” he knew he had to get in shape.  It began with the typical bodybuilding style bodypart-split routine but that didn’t last for long.  Too bored with standing around and chasing a “pump,” there had to be another way to train.  Bored with the typical bodybuilding style split routine, he was eager for something new and exciting.  Sitting around between sets during the workout just didn’t feel athletic…

A group of his friends decided to start a Tough Mudder team and some serious training needed to be done.  His cousin and her boyfriend turned him onto CrossFit to get him prepared – and from there, it was no turning back.  This is the style of training that prepared him not just for Tough Mudder, but for almost anything physical that would come his way.

Upon moving to Seattle in late 2013, he found the Xplore CrossFit community to be right up his alley.  His passion for learning and teaching fit right in with the members of Xplore, and helping others discover their athletic potential is very rewarding for him.