What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is for anyone. CrossFit serves those seeking elite fitness or those who just want to improve their quality of life. It suits everyone looking for a different type of gym experience. Athletes are guided by experienced trainers in one on one or group sessions. The goal is to be fit for whatever life throws at you. Athletes can use CrossFit to train for sport just as sure as accountants can use CrossFit to counteract the effects of sitting at a desk all day. The demands on the body vary more by degree than by type. This means we should be doing many of the same movements. We just load them differently depending on goals. Your body is an incredible machine designed for movement.

Fitness is not a relative term. We see fitness as getting more stuff done in less time regardless of the task. This holds true at any age, and for any activity including running a mile, doing pull ups, or shoveling the driveway. We see fitness as the ability to face the unknown and unknowable with confidence.

Specialization is for insects. We specialize in not specializing. This means we continually expose ourselves to new stimuli in an effort to keep our brains, and our muscles continually learning. When is the last time you did a cartwheel, climbed a rope, or threw something with your non-dominant hand? There are infinite possibilities in life and we strive to be ready for any and all of it. A gold medal swimmer will not be a gold medal gymnast. A good runner though can certainly be a good weightlifter, and a good rock climber. We desire virtuosity in all things.

CrossFit combines the best of several disciplines. You can look at a gymnast and be inspired by their body control, flexibility, and agility. You can look at an Olympic weightlifter and be amazed at their strength and power, or the speed and stamina of sprinters. They are all onto something with the elements in their program and we just took the best from each and combined them. You don’t need an iron cross but you do want great balance, and flexibility. You don’t need to squat 500 pounds but you do want to be able to move the couch, pick up your grandkids and change a tire.

CrossFit exposes weaknesses that could prove costly at some point in life. Our trainers are great at uncovering the weak links in your kinetic chain. You know where you want to see the most improvement but where do you need to see it. Don’t wait until life throws you a curve ball to find out that you have terrible balance or a weak back.

CrossFit truly is for everyone. Every movement can be scaled up or down to meet you right where you are.  You don’t need to prepare for CrossFit. CrossFit prepares you for everything else. We practice something called relative intensity. That means that you are working against yourself and no one else. Your best today will be different from your best tomorrow. Today’s killer workout is tomorrow’s warm-up. Our athletes have been pregnant, pre-op, post-op, undergoing chemotherapy and myriad of other “barriers to exercise” that we have, and will continue to consistently work through to give each athlete exactly what they need to see their numbers moving in a positive direction.

Nutrition is the foundation of CrossFit’s fitness hierarchy. Our trainers are well equipped to guide you in this challenging aspect. You have probably read and heard a lot about food that is confusing at best and completely untrue at the worst. Our team is great at clearing up misconceptions and directing a nutritional approach that will accelerate your progress, and set you up for a longer and healthier life.

CrossFit workouts change constantly. We change exercises, reps, weights, distances, and any other variable in order to keep our adaptation response high. While it may seem random there is an artistry in the programming that ensures continual development. We go heavy, we go long and sometimes we do both. A workout in the gym can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an almost an hour. CrossFit can only truly be understood through experience. Once you get it, you will wish you found it ten years ago. Get started today.

Check out this POST on fitness levels to see how fit you are. It is also the scale we use to test our athletes. That’s right folks, we do regular testing at XCF like a karate dojo or a smog center or an SAT…whatever the place is called where you take the SATs.