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Getting started with Xplore CrossFit can be done in several different ways.  Everyone at Xplore CrossFit receives personal training. What we mean by that is that everyone here works under the instruction of trainers who know you and are invested in your results. Whether it is one on one training, or in a group class of ten we strive to make it a personal experience. For this to work well we need all of our athletes to have a baseline understanding and appreciation of the basic movements and tenets of our gym. To ensure this baseline we have all of our athletes go through some sort of introductory training.  Everyone starts with a free one on one consultation. Here we get a chance to discuss goals and assess your abilities and possible limitations to determine the next steps. This may be personal training, or a beginner group class.

Free 1:1 Consultation
During your consultation you will sit down with a personal trainer and go in depth into your goals and reasons for pursuing a fitness based lifestyle. Motivators, habits, limiters, and your support systems are crucial elements that we want to uncover in order to create the best plan for success. Fill out the form below to schedule a consultation.

Step 2 varies from person to person. There are two different routes depending on your starting place, learning style, and comfort level.

Personal Training
After your consultation you have the option to do your foundational training in a one on one setting. Our personal trainers will take you through the foundational movements at a pace that is comfortable for you. They can address specific needs or limitations and make sure you feel supremely confident to take the next step into group classes or to continue in personal training to focus on your unique goals.

CrossFit Fundamentals: A beginner’s course in CrossFit
Xplore CrossFit runs introductory classes to allow groups of new folks to learn the foundational movements together. This is a great option for someone who learns well in a group but may be intimidated to move in the general population right out of the gate. XCF Fundamentals Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30pm. The course is 4 weeks long and begins the first Tuesday of every month. It is a great on ramp for CrossFit. All are welcome. Sign up HERE.

If you aren’t sure which route is best for you fill out the form below and we will be in touch to set up a consultation.


Consultation Request Form
Fill out the form below to request a consultation.