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Xplore CrossFit started with the idea of bringing elite fitness to downtown Seattle. Applying the training principles of CrossFit we bring something new and intense to the downtown gym environment. If you are sick of elipticals, swiss balls, and spin classes you may be looking for us. We lift heavy, run and row hard, push, pull, swing, jump, clean, and press in infinite combinations and for varied durations. We believe form follows function. If you want to look, feel, and perform like an athlete you should train like one. CrossFit can be done by anyone and anywhere utilizing nothing but your own bodyweight if need be. One on one or in a group you will be pushed to places you never thought you could go. Every workout can be scaled so that anyone can play. We work with the tools on hand in the space provided to produce a higher level of fitness to all who dare to begin.

“I am here to make life easier. Easier in the long run, through better nutrition, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, balance, and strength. First there will be pain, sweet, sweet pain.”